How To Regrow Hair – My Story

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I could not believe it my wife for 8 years told a silly joke at a friends dinner party and EVERYONE started to laugh. It was such UNCOMFORTABLE feeling that overtook my mind. I felt like a LOSER because of my hair loss problems.

Later that night when we arrived home my mind emotionally exploded and I started to scream at my wife without thinking about it. I was so ANGRY and FULL of PAIN because I was so embarrassed in front of my closest friends.

I can‘t hide the fact we had argument about this and we had tears in our eyes but later when I finally was calm down I wrap my arms around her and told her my battle of missing the hair has been EMOTIONALLY difficult for me and right at this same moment while looking into her eyes I knew she was really sorry about what happened but she couldn’t say one word, tears where flowing like a river down her chin and for both of us this was one of those difficult moments.

I then decided to leave her alone and give her a space to think and went to the bathroom to deal with my FEELINGS. I could not understand those POWERFUL EMOTIONS. I stayed there for a while – 15 minutes or so and when there where no more tears and I was more relaxed I opened the door and to my surprise there she was in her stunning orange dress and she told me I love you, I love you so much, I am really sorry if I hurt your feelings, I really mean this Mike!

I wrap my arms around her and we forgive each other and in this moment we also DECIDED no matter what to try once again to find solution to my hair loss problem, before I tried to find solution by using prescriptions drugs, make changes to my food program, use soft hairbrushes and mild shampoos but this did not help me at all, maybe because the genetics are different in each of us.
There was times when I was emotionally wrecked. I was VERY MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED and I started to create SELF-DOUBT in my mind, no matter how hard I tried to find the SOLUTION to get rid of my hair loss problem forever!

I remember like this happened yesterday to me when my wife told me to use the Internet to find a solution. I listened to her advice and started doing research on my computer, problem was there was sea of endless information, but after few weeks if not close to one month I came across LIFE CHANGING SOLUTION.

I was very skeptical to begin with but it was set up in a very professional way but to be honest I could not just buy it yet. I went through all the data I collected trying to find solution but there was nothing new there so later the same night I decided to jump on this because I wanted to try this and I had nothing to lose.

I could NOT believe how well it worked though!

Few weeks using the techniques and following the steps and the POWERFUL SECRETS I discovered things started to slowly change for me. I was so happy.

My BIGGEST EMOTIONAL MOMENT was when I started to see those tiny hairs popping up it created such positive and happy emotions with me. I immediately phone my wife and really broke down into tears it was such a roller coaster of feelings running through my entire body. But to be on the safe sides I told her we could not judge so quickly, because before I tried almost everything but it never worked for me. I eventually reached the point where I did not need more hair loss advice, everything I needed was in Hair Again. There is no instant solution to get your hair back but if you try this and put some efforts into this you will see some positive results from this and might give you the hair back.

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What Is How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 Min. A Day

This book is written by Todd Davis, a fellow who suffered from hair loss and bald spot in the back of his head who shows you techniques how to regrow your hair with a daily routine that only takes 15 minutes per day to implement. Todd Davis mentions that you get results with his program. But it was not perfect I had some issues with it.


Todd Davis says it only takes 15 minutes per day, but this is not going to be true for everyone, it might take 30 minutes like he mention on his site, and people have different hair loss problems, some people are even lazy it won’t work for them but if you are willing to put in 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day then hopefully this can be what you’ve been looking for.


This book contain great information and is very informative. I’ve personally seen results from it. Plus the information inside it will probably work for lifetime, 100 years plus, so there is no need for anything else.
You get 2 months money back guarantee so you have enough time to check it out.
You also get 6 different bonuses

My Final Thoughts:

I have tried so many things over the years to regrow my hair, this is without doubt the most powerful technique I have found thus far It is also natural and safe. I have to mention this again this will not happen in instant and this will take work on your part. But this is so easy and everyone can do this. It only takes 15 minutes per day up to 30 minutes, then you are done. I am very thankful I gave this a try. Finally thanks goes out to my wife for her continues love and support.

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