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Let me share with you my story how I got my hair back. It all started when my wife for 8 years made a silly joke on my hair at my close friends dinner party. I could not belief such joke came from her mouth and it was a total shock to me.

I started to feel angry and uncomfortable, it didn’t get any better when my closest friends where laughing with her truth to be told I did not see any fun in this and all kinds of thoughts came over me, I‘m a total loser, I felt really BAD!

When we arrived home later that night all kinds of negative thoughts entered my mind and the first thing I did when I came home I started to scream at my beautiful wife and told her why the did you tell this silly hair loss joke, you made me look like a loser and embarrassed me in front of my close friends! She was standing frozen in front of me, tears started to roll down her face and in the same moment she just realized what she did wrong. I wrapped my arms around her opened myself up to her and said it hurts emotionally missing the hair.

I then went into the bathroom, wiped my tears from my face, started looking in the mirror and was there probably for 15 minutes just staring in the mirror and asking myself why me, why me? I then broke down and started to cry. 15 minutes later I left the bathroom and when I opened the door there was my wife she said to me that she loved me so much, those words made me SMILE.

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One day I made the DECISION I needed to solve this problem like right now, losing my hair was really interrupting me so much it was taking over my life, it was so BAD and here is my UNTOLD SECRET I‘ve been trying to get rid of this problem without telling anyone. I tried prescriptions, soft hairbrushes, mild shampoos, change my food program and started to drink green tea, all of these advice sure can be helpful for some but we are humans so genetics are different in each of us. The SAD truth is these solutions did NOT work for me.

I was not only MISERABLE and FRUSTRATED but I started to create SELF-DOUBT in my mind, that no matter how HARD I tried to find SOLUTION I just had to LIVE WITH THIS. I could not belief this was happening to me. Then out of the blue my wife came to the rescue and she told me to go online and use the Internet there must be a solution out there to help you get hair back.

I listened to her advice and went straight into the computer and put myself into detective mode and at first it wasn‘t easy, there was endless sea of information, but after few weeks if not close to one month I came accross the solution which later literally changed my life and was the solution to get my hair back.

I finally found Todd Davis – Stop Your Hair Loss eBook and guess what the title was it was „Secret Techniques Hollywood Actors Use to Naturally Regrow Lost Hair Within Weeks“ it sounded too good to be true, before I decided to buy it, I read stop your hair loss reviews and went over in my head all the resource and information and decided to pick it up and not even think anything good about it.

I couldn‘t believe how well it worked though!

Few weeks using the techniques and following the steps and secrets I found in Stop Your Hairloss eBook I started to see that I was getting results, small results at first but that told me this method was working and I just needed to follow that plan, I promised myself to follow it and also reminded me daily to follow & use it.

My BIGGEST EMOTIONAL MOMENT was when I started to see tiny hairs coming back, today it‘s like watching a movie in my mind, I can bring up this memory again and again, it was full of JOY and I immediately at that time phoned my wife at her work and broke down into tears it was such a roller coaster of feelings running through my entire body, but to be on the safe sides I told her we could not judge so quick, because in the past I tried almost everything but it never worked.

I slowly started to feel more secure and my self esteem was coming back to me, let me tell you in the past when I was shopping the groceries, I didn‘t feel secure on the inside, I was full of fear and was always on alert, I sometimes wish I would be a ghost at that time doing the shopping in the supermarket.

I eventually reached the point where I did not need more hair loss advice, everything I needed was in Todd Davis Stop Your Hair Loss Book. Today I am more comfortable and also happy! Please note: As I said earlier this will take work and this is not instant but I highly recommend you at least give this a try. Put real efforts into this and I am positive you will see POSITIVE RESULTS.

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What Is How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 Min. A Day

This book is written by Todd Davis, a fellow who suffered from hair loss and bald spot in the back of his head who shows you techniques how to regrow your hair with a daily routine that only takes 15 minutes per day to implement. Todd Davis mentions that you get results with his program.
Now, while How To Naturally Regrow Lost Hair in 15 Min. a Day worked well for me, it was not perfect, here were some of the issues I personally had:


Todd Davis says it only takes 15 minutes per day, but this is not going to be true for everyone, it might take 30 minutes like he mention on his site, and people have different hair loss problems, some people are even lazy it won’t work for them but if you are willing to put in 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day then hopefully this can be what you’ve been looking for.


This book contain great information and is very informative. I’ve personally seen results from it. Plus the information inside it will probably work for lifetime, 100 years plus, so there is no need for anything else.
You get 2 months money back guarantee so you have enough time to check it out.
You also get 6 different bonuses

My Final Thoughts:

I have tried so many things over the years to regrow my hair, this is without doubt the most powerful technique I‘ve found thus far. It‘s also natural and it is safe. I have to mention this again this will not happen in instant and this will take work on your part. But this is so easy and everyone can do this. It only takes 15 minutes per day up to 30 minutes, then you are done.I‘m really thankful I tried this method and to end this, thanks goes out to my beautiful wife for her support and she told me I should put this site together, it could help others.

Thanks for the Facebook like’s. This is discreet problem so no pressure. I however admit I appreciate them very much and wish you the very best.

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Thank you for your time!


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