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A Quick Definition of Hair Loss

Losing hair is a very relative matter; everyone loses a bit of it every day, to the point where it is considered normal to lose a hundred of them on a daily basis. However, when people refer to hair loss they generally talk about something a tad more macabre: losing so much as to cause the apparition of bald spots (typically in men) and the extreme thinning of the hair on top of the head (mostly in women). It is estimated that most people will have to contend with one of these types of hair loss by the age of fifty.

Even though the condition is quite a common one, many people have a very hard time taking it, especially when the hair was a huge part of the look. Nevertheless, it remains a non-life-threatening condition, meaning it really should be treated when it becomes your biggest problem.

The Causes of Hair Loss

So what exactly can cause people to lose a head of hair just like that? To begin with, as always, part of the answer lies in genetics. As a matter of fact, in a majority of cases hair loss is inherited through the genes, and unfortunately very little can be done about that (apart from ceasing the spread of your genes). In addition to that, age is another factor that, in the end, cannot be circumvented; as you grow older, your follicles grow weaker and more fragile, making the hair thinner and much more prone to breakage.

There are other, less prevalent causes out there that deserve an equal amount of attention, starting with stress; whether it’s physical or mental, stress was proven to have an adverse effect on the way the body functions, with one of its main symptoms being hair loss. Having a diet low in iron and protein can also lead to hair loss, particularly considering that an overwhelming majority of human hair is composed of protein. Certain diseases, such as hyperthyroidism, and powerful treatment methods, including chemotherapy, can harm your body in a number of ways, one of them being the loss of hair.

The Symptoms of Hair Loss

Though it may seem quite obvious at first sight, there is more to hair loss symptoms than just “noticing less and less hair on your head”. The symptoms depend on the type of hair loss you are suffering from:

• The hair may be thinning and falling out slowly over a longer period of time.
• The hair could be shredded, with entire clumps being rejected.
• The hair loss could occur in the scalp area, and that would refer to general hair loss.
• You could lose hair in only one specific area, which is yet another variation of the condition.
• When the cause is genetic, men tend to develop the hair loss on the top of the head rather than anywhere else.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Before proceeding with the natural treatments, it is important to understand that most of the creams, dietary supplements and tonics advertised out there cost a lot and work for a tiny fraction of those who try them. Don’t be fooled by excessive claims and overly-positive testimonials; most natural treatments for hair loss that claim to be the “miracle cure” are nothing but scams.

Nevertheless, there are still a few natural methods that were proven to work, but even then you need to understand something: it will probably take a certain amount of time to see results, and in the end, nothing on Earth (save for a time machine) may be able to reverse your hair loss. These natural hair loss treatments are actually more effective at maintaining the health of your hair rather than rejuvenating it.

Fighting Hair Loss with Nutrition

Needless to say, with the level of obesity being as high as it ever was in first-world countries, most people do not follow what can be considered a healthy diet. Actually, many people not only harm their bodies with junk food, but they also deprive themselves of essential nutrients which contribute to the proper functioning of the human organism, in turn leading to hair loss. It is recommended that you put some variety into your diet, focusing on three nutrients:

• Biotin as well as Zinc – Supplements of zinc and biotin are commonly taken by people with metabolic disorders which make their hairs and nails brittle, and as such it was discovered that they can actually help to stimulate your hair follicles.
• Iron – It was observed in several clinical studies that anemia (iron deficiency) leads to hair loss, meaning that you should either eat iron-rich foods or perhaps invest in some dietary supplements.

Natural Supplements

There are also natural supplements which where designed to fight hair loss. When you are choosing a physical product you should be careful what you pick, if you like one recommendation from me then it is first Todd Davis Book which help me or check out Har Vokse Review on my site but let‘s move on.
Do your investigation first on the ingredients inside the products you are buying, take your time to do this. I would also recommend you check for „Seal of Approval“ from the FDA or NSF.

Be Stress Free

If there is one thing that causes hair loss more then anything else it is stress. Please try to relax even if its only for few minutes each time, try to go out in the nature, breath and look on life around you. Reducing stress on what you are doing daily can help with your hair loss process. There are also methods like yoga or tai-chi classes but if you do not have access to tai-chi class, do not worry about this. Just perform a relaxation techniques, try to put it into your schedule to do on a daily bases. Try to re-organize your life if you do not find the time for those exercise, also remember you only need a few minutes each day to relief stress from your body. If you relax well with Music then also use it.

The Overview, Big Picture.

I know how this can be fighting with hair loss and for me this causes me a lot of stress, honestly this is just the way this works, I went through a lot on this time period when this was happening to me and the most difficult part for me was dealing with all the emotions and just giving myself permission to try to relax, I was always thinking about  what was happening to my hair but what I then started to understand slowly that this condition for me wasn‘t dangerous, like others diseases out there. So just by knowing this part I started automatically to relax more and when I found the cure for my hair loss. I was really happy, however, if this works for you, its really hard to say because of our genetics. But if the same method works for you that worked for me then great.

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