How To Help Stop Hair Loss

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Do you want to learn how to help stop hair loss? When you are losing your hair what you have is basically a condition called Folliculitis, it affects millions of people around the world so you’re not alone. So if you’re looking for tips how to stop hair loss, here are few tips to help you out.

1. Do every day massaging on your scalp day after day can help to redouble the blood to that area. It can help to relieves tension and promote healthy coat follicles. To be it more useful, you can add little drops of hair thinning lotion while you are doing the massage. Rubbing the solution into your scalp while you are washing your mane can help to slide inedible dull follicles and

2. Try to eat foods that are rich with silica. It’s one of those nutrient that has been considered to be good for your hair it will provide you with healthier and thicker hair, food such as potatoes, red pepper and cucumber contain this mineral. And to mention, iron has been found to be the cause of premature hair loss. Choose food that are rich in iron if you are experiencing the hair loss problem.

3. I don’t know if you know this but if you are stressed for long periods of time your body will start to lose hair, reducing stress in your life is often the cause of mane loss in both men and women. But it is temporary condition if you experience mane loss due stress.

Now, I know these tips are just tip of the iceberg, they will not do enough. But hopefully they will be helpful for you. To put end on your problem you need a solution that really helps you out. I’ll let you know how to stop hair loss when I find the hair loss solution that will work for me.


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